Wednesday, March 3, 2010


sudah lama tak blog ......wewewe
dont know want to blog what now
just simply type something for update xD
started to feel bored working everyday...
what to do that's call work~~~
aku mau belajar ......
lepak during working hours

and one more thing ....
for this month~~~
haha no money d la dey ......
always hang out with friend and shopping
have use most of my salary that i earn monthly

Saturday, February 20, 2010

i going to die !!!!

i moody.....i so sad ...... and feeling wanna cry it out
but i cant!!!! i told my self before i never cry because of them
no hurt feeling telling u guys about this .......
i had been this thing before for not once
but 1,2,3,4,5
5 times
and every time came out with the same ending........
and i realize that , I'm like doing the same old thing
over and over again
from the beginning to the end~~
i hate my so call MIND GAMES
and i never use it anymore to anyone again!!!
with using MIND GAMES i can get it easily
but thing wont come so easy if u get it easy


i feel like my world has gone , my hope , everything !!!

and guys maybe next time u wont see me with couple with girls
but guys!!! maybe soon i going to become gay (homosexually)
what's so bad about gay????
life have to go on ~~~~

haix~~~~ saddest day ~~~20/02/2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010


recently i don't know what the hell had happen to me ,
i just feel that no one that i can be trust on,
now they be your best friend but another minute they might be
betray you
now a day i started not to talk much to people about my thing d,
sometime i not really want to talk and shut up ,keep quite is not because i wanna be like this or lan C
but just because i feel that is unsafe to talk anymore,
friend with friend shot here shot there , no more real friendship but just fake
when you're together sitting on the same table.
and now i only know what is so call' friend'??
friend is to betray not to care ,
friend is to use them when u need them
but not help them because u feel that they need help,
maybe after u helped them they wont appreciate you
but just talk bad about behind your back .

hope that my friend will understand me , I'm not saying you guys are betraying me
but i just wanna start def myself from now on !!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

thing's that i do after the SPM

2 dec
well that's the day that i just finish SPM and started to clear all my books from my room xD
~~~no more book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 dec
started to work in a company name call AT AGENCY as a marketing assistant xD (cool huh??? not really x) ) its quite tired x( cause that's the 1st day and the tired day ever man!!!! i drive all the way from KL - gombak - PJ and back to my office , seriously i sooooo tired of my job !!!

5 dec
surfing the web for some better job!!!
at last i found it - as a part time model wahaha

6 dec
i when to damasara with my friend matthew for the audition
its quite amazing and is my 1st doing it .......
let's start with posing ~~~
acting ~~~~
emotion ~~~
and EQ ~~~

that all ~~~~

after that follow a ferrari from damasara to KL to look for my friend at low yat
that having an event about celcom

woke up early and drive all the way to low yat to work for my friend
as a promoter for celcom ..........
and i end my work with 5 cases in my hand .......

8 dec
went to AIG new branding party and course !!!
AIG=chartis malaysia!!!!!

no more AIG but chartis !!!!
( just change the company name but still the same company dont worry !!)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


i had try to proposed to u for 5 times
and that the thing that i never try before
no douth is kinda sad in D process but i'll
still wait for the day that u say i DO!!!
i think of it every single day even
when i am sitting for the SPM test,
day and night
because i love you girl !!
i really do , no matter how much i said to you
and how much sorry that you said to me
i will still try
every time when i propose to you it
doesn't go well like what i expected
but fine.....
i won't force you on something , but i will still propose to you
until i get you x)
hope the day really come true
and bringing you to the hill top ,that u would like to go if you're couple,
hoping that the mr right is me

sorry for that day ,i had freaked you out i just try to tell you how much you mean to me ^^
王子看見二公主 片尾曲
2009 !

为什麽明明想靠近 却还在迟疑
努力的我保持镇定 努力开拓话题
深刻的烙在心里 最温柔的酷刑
连闭上眼睛 怎麽都是你
你可不可以爱我 可不可以想我
别害怕我难过 告诉我你真实的感受
你可不可以爱我 可不可以看我
反正看或不看 我依然失魂落魄
快乐还是寂寞 *
Repeat *
你可不可以爱我 可不可以想我
你能给我 能给我什麽


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


today is still SPM ,i having add math paper later and i just waked up, 4 am to study ,
which i never done before, from the past few months i had never touch a single page
of my add math book before at home , i say never !!!!
is just like a nightmare for me =)
from beginning of the form 4 till now i never pass my add maths before , seriously the highest i can get is 30+ which make me happy and crazy like hell!!!!
and because of add maths i get my first 0 in my life in this 14 years of study ,is a shame for me and its also a experience for me to expose my self in a subject that i don't even good on it =)
not only add maths i talk about , maths as well ~~~~
hmm but at least i passed all my maths tests in the school every times, so that's make me have a higher hope on SPM to getting B XD